Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tea Leaves

"If the future we could see
would we change it or let it be?"

In politics today we all want change
before they take our home on the range.
with our money the politicians play
but to get out of debt they can't find a way.

One percent of this country has all the wealth
yet we can't afford insurance on our health.
How did our government get so inept?
by making more promises never to be kept.

Wall street bankers they should be in jail
instead their labeled too big to fail.
Middle class citizens tighten their belts
still economic recovery can't be felt.

Tax and spend is the politicans creed
blinded by power and corperate greed.
Open and honest is their promise
yet were lied to by the Obama's.

It's so easy to bitch and complain
as we watch these idiots campaign.
Democracy ain't free but it's are only hope
to make your future get out and vote.

"If the future you could tell
it would be this country going to hell."

Monday, July 30, 2012

Rocky Mountian Cry

Brimstone and fire
times are dire
living in fear
madmen are near.

Taken by dozens
sisters,brothers and cousins
nowhere to run
bullets and gun.

His only thrill
innocents he kills
words cant explain
man is insane.

Graves with daisies
world gone crazy
a nation mourns
another killer bourn.

by rich jackson

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Numbers Game

Seven is for deadly sin
or a final game you can win.
between six and eight it is stuck
rolling it takes some luck.

Seven is a saluting one
if its your I.Q. you are dumb.
Seven wonders in this world to explore
Mickey Mantle had a seven on the shirt he wore.

Seven days in the week
seventh hour things look bleek.
How I love the number seven
it is even a place up in heaven.

Seven letters in my name
points in a touchdown is the same.
I've sailed around the seven seas
seven continents there seems to be.

Seven times I've been away
staying there for several days.
seven dwarws in snow white
seven minutes this took to write.

by rich jackson

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Northbound Train

Snowy scene
engine steams
blazing trail
road of rail.

Path is chosen
through valleys frozen
on mountains majestic
sunlight is reflected.

Sniffs of smoke
fires are stoked
gaining speed
for a steep grade.

Burning coal
fills its soul
belching fumes
in cotton plumes.

Passengers mingle
engineer signals
in winters throws
a whistle blows.

Wheels go round
on roads yet found
northbound train
winter you tame.

by rich jackson

Friday, March 2, 2012

Cry Fowl

bird of prey
fly away.
on the prowl
king of fowl.
catch a glance
have no chance.
a sound distinct
or they'll be extinct.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Favorite Pet

I've owned ducks,chickens and a goose
at the zoo I petted a moose.
Hamsters,gerbils an a mouse
had them all in my house.

Horses,ponies and a mule
loving animals I am a fool.
My very favorite pet
is my dog you can bet.

She is a purebred English Setter
for a friend I've had none better.
Whether playing catch or eating a meal
being happy is how I feel.

I love animals young and old
but on my dog I am sold
She means the world to me
I got to go she found a tree.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter Bane

Daylights soft wain
vestiges of a winter bane
 evening shadows
dawns frozen meadows.

Trees twisted askew
hard the winds blew
they too begin to fade
as night longs to shade.

Cold it can be felt
still,snow can melt
earths axis tips
softing winters grip.

Signs of tomarrows spring
another day will bring
signaling winters regret
burnt orange glow of sunset.